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Myanmar Transport Safety Branch (MTSB)


Overview of Myanmar Transport Safety Branch (MTSB)

The Myanmar Transport Safety Branch (MTSB) is an independent investigation authority which is responsible for the investigation of air, marine and rail transport accidents and incidents in Myanmar. The Head Office is situated in Office Building No. (5), Ministry of Transport and Communications, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. Its site office is located on the First floor of Three-storeyed Building, Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) compound, Mingaladon Township, Yangon. The MTSB is governed by an Assistant Secretary and is entirely separate from transport regulators and policymakers and service providers. Its mission is to promote transport safety through the conduct of independent investigations into air, marine and rail accidents and incidents.


Investigation Process

When carrying out its safety investigations, the MTSB will:


  • Gather, record and analyse all available information related to the accidents and incidents.
  • Determine the causes and/ or contributing factors.
  • Identify possible safety issues.
  • Make safety recommendations to address the safety issues.
  • Produce an investigation report.


Aircraft Accident Investigation

Aircraft Accident Investigation is one of the responsibilities of the MTSB. The key functions for the aircraft accident and incident investigation are:


  • To conduct investigation of aircraft accidents and serious incidents as required by the regulation. (Myanmar Aircraft Act, Myanmar Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Rules and Annex-13 to the Chicago Convention)
  • To conduct independent and objective investigation of accidents and incidents in accordance with the Union of Myanmar Aircraft Act and Myanmar Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Rules, and international best practices
  • To promote aviation safety through the investigation of accidents and incidents and the identification of safety deficiencies so that accidents may be avoided in future
  • To educate the industry and the public on ICAO's philosophy of investigation
  • To maintain the confidence of the aviation industry and the public in aviation safety through the investigation of accident and incidents


Investigation of accidents and incidents

The MTSB investigates aircraft accidents pursuant to Article 26 of the Chicago Convention. While Article 26 of the Chicago Convention refers to investigation of accident, Annex 13 goes beyond investigation of accidents and prescribes Standards and Recommended Practices for the investigation of incidents as well, in particular, serious incidents. Thus, the MTSB also investigate serious incidents as recommended by Annex 13 and, where the safety lessons to be drawn, incidents that are not classified as serious incidents. Note: There may be instances where it is not clear-cut as to whether an incident should be classified as a serious incident. Even if such incidents are not classified as serious incidents and if they are likely to offer safety lessons, the MTSB initiates an investigation.



The sole objective of the investigation of an accident or incident shall be the prevention of accidents and incidents. It is not the purpose of this activity to apportion blame or liability.


External Links

  • ASEAN Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation relating to aircraft accident and incident investigation
  • Memorandum of Understanding between the authorities in charge of aircraft accident investigation of ASEAN member States and the civil aviation administration of CHINA on cooperation relating to aircraft accident and incident investigation


Notification of Accidents and Incidents   

When an aircraft accident or incident takes place, the owner, operator, pilot-in-command and any crew member of the aircraft, the operator of the airport, and any air traffic controller having knowledge of an accident or incident shall notify to the Accident Investigation Authority (the MTSB) and provides as much information as is possible as soon as possible and by the quickest means available.


  • The Incident notification is required the following information:
  • Date of Occurrence, location of Occurrence.
  • Aircraft type, registration mark, Aircraft commander name, operator (or) owner name, flight Number, Nationality
  • The last point of departure and the next point of intended landing.
  • Phase of flight (Aircraft Standing, Taxing, Take-off, En route, Descent, Approach, Landing)
  • Aircraft Altitude, Weather Condition (Visibility, Wind, Cloud)
  • Describe about the occurrence (your suggestion to prevent similar Occurrence if any)
  • The name of a reporter, address, telephone Number, Date
  • Should not be reported of criminal activities, Personnel problems, legal/ commercial disputes and incidents with no aviation safety content.
  • Reported information is entered into the MTSB database for analyzing and making preventive actions.

Final Reports







Sikorsky S76C

near YETAGUN in Andaman Sea



F-28 MK 0100 (XY-AGC)

near Heho Airport (VYHH)


Runway Excursion

MA-60 (XY-AIQ)

Mong-Hsat Airport (VYMS)


Runway Excursion

MA-60 (XY-AIP)

Kawthoung Airport (VYKT)



EC 130 B4 (HS-CCN)

Naung Moon near Putao Airport (VYPT)


Ground Collision

A-300-200(HL-7538) and ATR 72-212 A (HS-PGA)

Yangon International Airport (VYYY)


Runway Excursion


Yangon International Airport (VYYY)


Wing Clip Incident

ATR 72-212A (XY-AJP) and Embraer-190 (XY-AGQ)

Dawei Airport (VYDW)


Serious lncident

Cessna Grand Caravan 208B (Reg: XY-AMC)

Manaung Airport (VYMN)


Enroute Conflict

A-319 (B-6202)/A-330-300 (B-5960)

Airway A599 LSO-LINSO


Hard Landing Incident

Embraer 145EP (XY-ALE)

Sittwe Airport (VYSW)


Loss of Separation

A-320 (HS-TXB) and ATR72-600 (XY-AJP)

Yangon International Airport (VYYY)


Runway Excursion

Cessna Grand Caravan 208B (XY-AMB)

Mawlamyine Airport (VYMM)




Yangon International Airport (VYYY)


Emergency Landing with Nose Landing 

gear failure to extend

Embraer 190 (XY-AGQ)

Mandalay International Airport (VYMD)


Nose Landing Gear Axel Rupture

ATR 72-600 (XY-AJM)

Yangon International Airport (VYYY)


Tail Strike Incident

Airbus A330-343 (9V-SSI)

Yangon International Airport (VYYY)

Head of the MTSB

Mr. Aung Maw

Assistant Secretary

Head Office Location

Office Building No. (5)

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, 15011

Site Office Location

Room No. (7, 8, 9, 10)

First Floor, Three-storeyed Building

Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Compound

Yangon, Myanmar, 11021

Contact the MTSB

Head Office     Tel: (+9567) 411667, (+9567) 411668 (office hours)

Fax:(+9567) 411669

Site Office            Tel: (+951) 533162

(+959) 421033695 (24/7 Notifications)

(+959) 5412862 (24/7 Notifications)

Fax:(+951) 533162

Email:[email protected] (Notifications)

[email protected] (Notifications)